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Hainsight is a system that enables you to identify opportunities
and risks in business relationships

Value driving business relationships don’t just happen.
They are crafted and improved upon.

Ongoing business relationships often become ordinary – to the extent that it becomes difficult to identify challenges in the relationship before they become problems. As well as difficult to identify opportunities. Based on identifying the challenges and opportunities you can utilize your business relationships with your clients/suppliers/employees and own organization to achieve better results.


Customized setup

100% flexible questionnaires

Output in many formats


Features_website Customized and flexible.

Hainsight offers a range of features providing a modern business relationship management system.


Measure. Manage. Maximize.

Hainsight is a best-in-class technology developed to improve business relationships internally and externally to optimize efficiency in working relationships.


Consulting_websiteAdvice, implementation or both.

Experienced analysis, insights and recommendations added to your data or simply management of practical areas. You decide. We offer both and are here to help.


icon05Best-in-class support.

Our support center is dedicated to solve your technical needs.
Contact our support center for technical issues 24/7.

Some of our clients

Here is what they say about Hainsight

"Hainsight is a truly simple, innovative evaluation tool to build stronger and longer agency-client relationships.
We have chosen to partner with Hainsight so that our Worldwide Partner agencies around the world can maximize the value they provide to their clients by better understanding what their clients appreciate most."

− Al Moffatt, President/CEO at Worldwide Partners, Inc.

"Having worked for more than 20 years within advertising I have never come across as efficient and value driving client/agency assessment tool as Hainsight - a tool that develops and extends the collaboration in general, and improves the accountability and creativity in particular."

− Robert Schelin, CEO, TBWASweden

B2B evaluations since 2008

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